About Us

ShoppingBin is the #1 eBay visual search tool. Founded in 2015, ShoppingBin allows people to search millions of products using a fullscreen visual shopping interface compared to a handful of products in the standard eBay view. There are several built-in features which allow you to search up to 20x faster. It is based on the idea that your mind processes images faster than text, so by providing image based search results, users can scan through results at a more rapid rate.

The site allows you to search eBay faster by providing built-in search filters making you find more items quickly. Infinite scrolling, adjustable image size, fastest load times, high resolution images, and social media links are just some of the sites features! It is fully responsive on all computers, tablets, and mobile phones. At ShoppingBin, we continually try to innovate the latest design practices, cleanest page layouts devoid of distractions and banner ads, and fastest browsing speeds. Shopping Bin is the best way to find the best deals on eBay.

ShoppingBin is a certified eBay Compatible Application and licensed to work directly with the eBay Platform.