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Vintage Gubelin 18k White Gold Watch with Diamonds and Sapphire Bezel

Stunning 18kt White Gold Watch with Diamonds and Sapphires. The case and bezel of the watch is made of 18kt white gold and the band is 18kt gold plate. It weighs 15.2 grams. The watch is made by Gubelin. The watch is complete with all parts and mechanisms and needs to be serviced to work. It would make a perfect gift for a loved one or an even better gift for yourself. Livermore Coin & Bullion, Inc. Upon Receiving Your Item If There Is Something Broken or Described Incorrectly Please Contact Us Immediately We Would Like The Opportunity To Work Out a Solution With You The Buyer Due to the fluctuating price in precious metals we will no longer return gold , platinum, or silver coins, round and bars. Shipping Policy for Livermore Coin& Bullion, Inc. We Ship with the USPS The Customer Under Most Circumstances Will Receive Their Item Within 2 to 3 Business Days A USPS Tracking Number Will Be Uploaded to You as Soon as We Make the Shipping Label INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS PLEASE NOTE Items purchased through the Global Shipping Program CAN NOT be combined for ShippingAll International Shipping is Done Through Ebays Global Shipping Program To Insure You Receive Your Package Safely We Only Use Premium Packing Materials ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS SALES TAX APPLIES. IF YOU ARE TAX EXEMPT - WE WILL NEED A COPY OF YOUR 2016 RESALE TAX CERTIFICATE WITH PAYMENT Payments Livermore Coin & Bullion, Inc. Uses PayPal Exclusively for All Items That We Ship Payment Are to Be Received Within 2 Days From the Day The Auction or Fixed Listing Ends If Payment Is Not Received, We Will Send An Email With A Payment Reminder If There Is Still No Payment or Response Within 48 Hours of The Reminder We Reserve The Right To Cancel This Transaction Feedback We Automatically Leave You Positive Feed Back Once an Item is Paid We Will Always Make our Customers our #1 Priority, After all You are the Back Bone of Our Ebay Business. We are a Family Business and Our Ebay Business is Extremely Important to Us. We do Our Best to Take High Quality Pictures, so You the Buyer can Make an Informed Decision on Your Purchase. We Will Always Disclose Any Issues There May Be with an Item, We will Never Mislead You Just to Make a Sale. If we Missed Something or Something was Broken, We Ask that You Contact Us Immediately, So We Can Resolve Any Issue. Our Repeat Customers Mean the World to Us Because it Means That We Have Earned Your Trust

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