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Paranormal Wizard owned/ life force vase / jug??

Wizard owned/ lifeforceHello again and thank you for taking the time to check out my auctions today. Today Im listing a one of a kind item that my wizard friend has had for quite some time. He told me that long ago he picked this piece up from a witch friend that he knows over in the United Kingdom. She made this piece herself and her name is on the bottom. It looks like a small vase of some kind with multiple holes in the upper portion. It is porcelain and very unique. the witch that made it told my wizard friend that she used it to hold certain potions of hers and these potions all dealt with the life force. What is your lifeforce some may ask? It is the energy that your body needs to stay alive and do the daily things that you need to do. This small vase has the residue of these potions that pertained to a persons lifeforce and that makes it special. When the witch gave this to my wizard friend she then spell cast it with spells to enhance your own lifeforce. When the magik of these spells takes hold in your body it will give you an increase in your lifeforce or in other words it will enhance or boost your bodys energy. Its almost like and energy drink but with this there is nothing to drink. It is also much longer lasting and much more noticeable. What I was told that you do with this is; once a week, no need to do more, is take a finger and place it into the main hole of the vase. Rub it around for just a second or two and that is all that need be done. You dont need to reach clear into the vase just as long as you can wiggle a finger, and it doesnt matter what finger, around the opening of the vase. This will let the vases magik rub off into your body. Dont expect results that very second as it takes a little time for the magik to soak into your body and enhance your lifeforce. You should notice within a day or two a noticeable jump in your energy level and this should enhance your life. The magik this vase holds should last forever as it has held the lifeforce potion and it now holds powerful, magikal spells. Get it before its gone as anything he has owned always goes so fast. Good luck and blessings. Perfectly safe, nothing harmful or evil.

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