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Money Luck & Success Magic Pendant 2,500 Spells Red Obsidian Sterling Silver NR

Welcome to the Tess Joy Spells And The Mystic Lunar Coventry of the Northeast. Thank you for visiting us. We have been in business on various online marketplaces since 2006, and have garnered over 8,000 positive feedback with an overall score of 99.97% See our client testimonials below! Thanks for stopping by and visiting! With respect to eBays clear, and stated policy about metaphysical items I wish to clearly disclose that all of the information I am sharing with you are not statements of any kind of specificity and/or guarantee to cause and effect. I am sharing with you my own professional and personal assessment of, and experiences with this rare offering. All items are being sold strictly as jewelry. All paranormal properties listed are my own professionally trained interpretation. This is a private auction. Nobody on eBay, or anywhere else will know that you have made this purchase. The ultimate life changing metaphysical creation - A beautiful one of a kind, hand made sterling silver and red obsidian gemstone artisan necklace that has been cast upon by myself, and my illustrious, and talented Coven an amazing 2,500 times!! Below I will give a list of some of the areas that this necklace have been blessed to change your life. Attract wealth, success, health, great luck and karma, love, and so much more. LIVE THE PERFECT LIFE. A Coven Blessed item is an item that my Coventry and I have cast large amounts of very specific, poignant energies in to. It is a vessel, an embodiment of specific, carefully formulated powers that will impact your life in a swift, tangible way. Blessed Talisman, Amulets, Stones, Rings, and other Good Luck Charms existed in our world in a very profound, and real way for centuries. In todays more modern world, a good luck charm is nothing more than a passive novelty. That is what we have turned it in to. For countless years, from the age of the Sumerian, through to the early 1900s, real alchemists and energy workers were able to harness specific energies in to tangible items, which where then, in turn, used as a real life blessing for the bearer of said item. This magick, this practice still exists as vibrantly today as it ever has. Having an item blessed in this manor can and will deeply impact your life for the better. This particular amulet is a true labor of love. It is one of a kind, it is one that weve spent a massive amount of time with, as a grouping, and individually over the course of the last year plus. The piece has been cast upon for the last 3 1/2 months, every day. A total of exactly 2,500 different professional spell blessings has been placed. The amulet has been tested, and its energies are immense. It is ready to bless you. It is ready to give you the perfect life. This is a ONE OF A KIND item. You will see the following benefits having this item in your life. Attraction Of Wealth Self Confidence Charisma Personal Power Mind Control Over Others Self-Discipline Prosperity Abundance Intelligence Poise Creativity Physical Strength Mental Capacity Psychic Clairvoyance Confidence Charm Presence Stability Energy Mental Energy Comfort Joy Career/Investment Success Life Enjoyment Happiness Mental & Emotional Clarity Problem Solving Skills Self Healing Healing Of Others Sexual Prowess Memory Personal Worth Optimism Will Power Physical & Emotional Balance Self Love Personal Wealth Lottery Victory Casino Luck Positive Karma Influence Over Self and Others And so, so, SOOOO much more! With this beautiful amulet in your life you will immediately begin to feel euphoric. You will feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. You will feel unburdened, and at peace. The residual effects of owning an item of this power are often that you will sleep much better at night, you will feel increases in your confidence, your mood will improve, you will feel lighter and more at peace. Your spirit will be balanced, calm, and centered. As the amulet stays with you, and the powers build, and sync with your unique spirit, it will draw money in to your life by on of many, or multiple means. I know that the first question on all of your minds is: Well, if its so important and powerful, why is she selling it? - Thats an understandable question to ask, and I want to address it for you all. Without going in to detail I will say, simply, that I am blessed financially. The work that I do, day to day, is not work that is performed with the driving desire for profit. I do not need the money. I know what youre most likely thinking. Fake. Right? Too good to be true, nonsense, snake oil salesman.. Ive heard them all! Magick is very real, and has existed around us all since the dawn of time. Once a major part of the day to day lives of many, it has largely been pushed aside. Our society fears what they do not understand, especially in this technologically advanced time that we all live in. We are so confident in our work that it has a non time limit money back guarantee. No loopholes, no fine print. It either works exactly as I describe, or you return it for a 100% refund. Ill even pay for the return shipment. I have dedicated my whole life to this practice and I want to share the glory or real, authentic magick with the world. If you have questions about this once in a lifetime offering I encourage you to write to me. I am on eastern standard time in the US, and work from my desk from roughly 7:00 am through to roughly 3:00-4:00 pm. I am happy to answer any questions you have, and/or to discuss this piece in as much detail as you wish. I want to be able to provide anything I can for you to make the most informed decision possible. All items we sell are shipped anywhere in the world via USPS 1st class mail. Were happy to offer free shipping within the United States, and reduced shipping worldwide. You can enter in to this purchase with the utmost confidence that you have absolutely nothing to lose, but oh so much to gain. We always back all of our items with a full, no questions asked money back guarantee if youre ever not satisfied with the way our magick has impacted you. Our money back policy has NO TIME LIMIT. You can return an item to us for a full refund at ANY time. Bid with confidence. If you do not have any experience with this sort of thing, which many of our clients do not, we want you to be able to give it a try without worrying about your investment. Id like to share a little bit about our mission, who we are, what we do, and what it all means for you - We are a gathering of professional spell casters, psychic mediums, alchemists, magickal practitioners, and collectors of advanced, and elite paranormal curiosities. Our work, on your behalf, is 100% guaranteed. Every stage of our life brings new challenges and new opportunities. While any new development in your life requires discipline and commitment on your part, our spells can help you move toward your goals. We practice peaceful, balanced white light magick only. NO black magick, NO voodoo. Our magick is the safest, and most balanced of energy work. There will never be any negative side effects, imbalance of karma, and we do NOT draw away from others to provide for you. We work within your own energies to produce your desires. Im sure you may find yourself wondering: What is magick, and what do we offer? Magick is another word for transformation, creation, and manifestation. Wicca magick is a tool we use to act on the subtle - or energy, or quantum - level of reality. The quantum level is the causal realm. It is the subtle influences at the quantum level that decide which way reality will go for you in your future. If you want to manifest something into ordinary reality, you start by stimulating the quantum realm to favor that potentiality with the help of an experienced, well-traveled practitioner of magickal theory. All of us are basically big balls of energy. Now, we are effected all day, every day by constantly changing energies, they shift, they move, they arrive, and they depart. Essentially what I do as a professional is enter your spirits chamber where the energies are kept, otherwise commonly known as your aura. I hold a ritual, which is a séance, chant, prayer, and often ritualistic actions on my end (candles, herbs, so on so forth) while in your aura. The ritual nudges the energies within to produce a result. You are reading this for a reason. You found me for a reason. If you have any questions at all please never hesitate to contact me, and within 24-48 hours I will write back to you. I am eager to learn about your desires, and show you the power of REAL, AUTHENTIC Magick! We always, of course, back all of our items with a full, no questions asked money back guarantee if youre ever not satisfied with the way our magick has impacted you. You can enter in to this purchase with the utmost confidence that you have absolutely nothing to lose, but oh so much to gain. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We understand that the use of energies is a little different to most people. If youre curious were happy to speak with you! We do ship worldwide via USPS 1st class mail. Your purchase comes with a tracking number, and insurance on the package at no additional cost. Frequently Asked Questions: My professional and personal promise to you: I pride myself upon being an honest, caring seller that you can trust, swimming in a sea of uncertainty found on the internet. Many, many fraudulent sellers will take advantage of you. I, quite simply put, am not one of them. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please send me a message right away and I will answer it. I promise to work with you to resolve any issues you may have until you are completely satisfied. Customer service is my number one priority, period! I truly care about every single one of my clients. Upon the purchase of any one of my items, you will not only receive a great treasure with true powers and energies, but you will also gain a friend who will be happy to help you with any of your concerns to the best of my abilities. What happens when I buy something? Whether your purchase a spell casting, relic, or coven blessed item, I will take the initiative to contact you by using the email address that is provided with your payment. You can feel free to contact us at any time. I will have questions for you, most specifically if you purchase a spell casting. I will want to understand your situation. I am equal parts service provider, and friend/confidant. I want to learn of your plight, desires, and implement my talents in the most precise manor possible to give you real world, life changing results. Is Magick really REAL? How does it work? Thats a really good question, and one that may have a number of different answers, depending on which people you ask. First, there are many different types of magic -- natural magic, practical magic, high magic, white light magic, ceremonial magic -- and each is a little bit varied from the others. Even when it comes to spell work, youll find a number of opinions on the Hows and Whys of the process. In natural magic, there is a theory that many natural objects -- roots, rocks, minerals, animal bones, hair, etc. -- have a connection within them to some part of the human experience. For example, a rose quartz is linked with love and matters of the heart, a piece of oak would take on the attributes of strength and sturdiness, and a sprig of sage is connected to wisdom and purification. In this form of magic, also called sympathetic magic, the link between items and their magical symbolism is referred to as The Doctrine of Signatures. Spellwork in natural magic is often carried out with no prayer or invocation to deities or gods. It is simply the natural attributes of the items involved in the spell that make the magic happen. In some traditions of Wicca and Paganism, magic is the realm of the Divine. A practitioner may call upon his or her gods for intervention and assistance, this is what I have perfected to a Master level over these last 40 years. For example, someone doing a spell working to repair their damaged love life might call upon Aphrodite for aid. A person moving into a new home could invoke Brighid, or Freyja as goddesses of hearth and home, as part of a ritual. The pulsations of energy that exist all around us, but are not visible to the human eye, can be harnessed and projected in to a mold for specific designed uses - The physical body, the spirit, the mind, intelligence, bending of karma, fate, and luck as its called. It is a very difficult practice that only a handful of REAL practitioners on the planet, myself included, can achieve. Spell Work, Rituals, and Conjuring: My Book of Shadows contains 4,019 rituals to help you conquer any situation or troubled time you may be going through. It is my absolute pleasure to offer to you many, many different rituals and service here. If you do not see a ritual that you feel would work for your specific case I always would encourage you to contact me to see if I can help - You will ALWAYS get an honest answer from me. If I cannot help you, I will tell you so, and perhaps can point you in the direction of one of my colleagues that can. I am a fully licensed and certified Spell Worker and Reiki Master who practices only the most rare and ancient forms of True Magick. This includes White Magick, Grey Magick, Wicca, Chakra Healing, Reiki, Voodoo, Divination, and Eastern European Witch Craft. Money Back Guarantee: We are proud, honest, upstanding professionals. We are always happy to accept returns if need be. If you have purchased a physical item from us, our refund policy is 30 days from the day you received the item, full refund, buyer pays return shipment. For all spell work our refund policy is 60 days from the date the spell was cast. Full refund will be issued within that 60 days if youre not satisfied with the results youve experienced. What is a Haunted or Paranormal Item? By basic definition, a Haunted, Paranormal or Metaphysical item is an object that contains within its vessel (size/shape/depth/dimension) a Spirit of some kind: An Angel, Djinn, Ghost, Apparition, Spirit, Genie, Demon, Creature, et al. that dwells and exists within the item. There are two classifications of Haunted: The first being an entity that haunts the item because they are emotionally attached to the vessel and cannot let go of their own volition. This scenario, which is very commonplace, is often the first thing that folks think of when entertaining thoughts of The Paranormal. Most commonly this is referred to as Haunted. The 2nd classification is when a spirit possesses, willingly, an item because they have the divine power to change/alter our reality by transmitting their energies through the item. This class of Paranormal Items is always the more Powerful and the more Rare. My collection is, roughly, 95% made up of Classification 2 Items. Why am I selling such items? Why wouldnt I just keep them for myself and reap the benefits? The acceptance of, and transference of Paranormal Items is what keeps White Light energy vibrantly existing around us all. There have been many, many times where I have loved spirits so deeply that it hurts to let them go, but I am here to help those who do not have the resources, time, money and opportunity to find these rare items. I am personally deeply blessed with Health, a Loving Marriage, Beautiful Family, and a great deal of Financial Resource. For me to keep an item like this would simply be out of greed. I am a very strong believer in Karma, for me to keep items of this power any longer I would be taking something away from the people that really need it. That is not my way, doing such things would do against my nature. That is why I sell these items. Giving people a chance to own items that will bring them such amazing abilities and powers is my calling. No matter how much an item brings, I must let it go. Laws require me to state the following: You must be 18 years old in the United States to purchase such services. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to make a purchase. Any Magic, Paranormal, or Psychic services are considered purchased for the intentions of entertainment only by United States Law. I am not personally liable, in any way, for the results of the actions taken by the buyer, you are opting into this spiritual pact knowingly, and willingly. This is an at your own risk purchase. Any resulting effects in the real world are in no way the responsibility of the spell caster. You agree to these terms by purchasing my service.

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