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Handmade Natural Divination Rune Stone Set

Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness. They are a set of 25 stones that contain primitive carvings of characters or letters. You can use Runes to gain messages and spiritual insight. Although not as well-known as some divinatory methods, using Runes can provide you another alternative for conversing with your Higher Self and the Universe. Runes actually come from letters of early Germanic alphabets. Many Northern European countries used these runic alphabets in the early centuries AD until the Latin alphabet was adopted. The origin of the word rune is believed to come from an old European word “ru” meaning secret as well as the Old Germanic word “runa” meaning whisper. This set has 25 hand polished black stones with 24 symbols etched on 24 stones. There is 1 blank black stone incase 1 is lost or some may refer to it as “Odin’s Stone”. This stone is the rune of the beginning and the end, representing the divine in all human transactions. F – Fehu, which means wealth, abundance and success. U – Uruz, meaning power and strength. Th – Thurizas, which means force, defense, potential conflict. A – Ansuz, meaning magic, creative energy and wisdom. R – Raidho, which refers to a journey. K – Kenaz, symbolizing illumination, transformative energy. Specifications: Size: Varies Shape: Varies Material: Natural Stone Features: 25 Piece Set Polished Handmade ___________________________________________________________________________ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: WE OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ON ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS. NO QUESTION ASKED. BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK OF ANY KIND: WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU GIVE US THE HIGHEST RATINGS ON OUR DESCRIPTION, SHIPPING AND DELIVERY AT THE TIME OF LEAVING FEEDBACK OF ANY KIND. We have taken a lot of time and effort in putting together our listings for each of our products. Most of our orders, if not all of our orders, goes out the same business day we receive your order. If there is any discrepancy which our description or information in our listings, please contact us immediately. We do appreciate any information you could give us to better our description, shipping and delivery. ITEMS NOT RECEIVED: If your tracking states that your order has been delivered and you have not received it, please contact the carrier immediately and email us so we can further investigate the issue and resolve the problem. Before contacting us or your carrier, please check with neighbors or anyone in your household to see if they have received your order. RETURN POLICY: Please inspect your items immediately once you receive them. Please notify us immediately with all claims (damaged, defective, missing or wrong items). Defective Order If the order you received has a manufacturers defect, please email us pictures of the defective item immediately. Once we receive the pictures we will notify you what to do next. Damaged in Transit Inspect your package(s) before you accept it. If you see any damage and/or evidence of tampering on the outer packaging you MUST make sure that the delivery person makes a note of this damage on the delivery receipt. Once youve made sure the note of damage is on the delivery receipt, tell the delivery driver that you refuse to accept the damaged package, and then contact us immediately. As soon as we confirm with our carrier, well get a replacement on its way to you. Missing Orders If you received a partial order, contact us immediately. Please let us know exactly what you are missing. As soon as we confirm with our shipping dept., well get a replacement on its way to you. Wrong Orders If you receive an item that you did not order, contact us immediately. In this case, please email us pictures of the item you received. As soon as we confirm with our shipping dept., well get a replacement on its way to you. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

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