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BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE PASTEL ART .......ORIGINAL SIGNED LITHOGRAPH BY MARIE POWELL !!!!! EXCELLENT CONDITION...... Lithograph was produced in 1994...... Actual artwork measures 7 X 10 and is printed on gallery quality paper suitable for framing..... AN AMAZING ADDITION TO ANY ART COLLECTION !!!!! Please refer to photographs for details and all questions are welcome.... MARIE POWELL : Marie Powell has been an artist on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State for many years. After a 19 year high school teaching career, she now devotes her time to creating her beautiful pastels, oils and mixed media work. Recently Marie has focused on printmaking, producing vibrant original works of art known as Monotypes. Marie divides her time between the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and New Zealand, and her work is influenced by the people and environments of both countries. A variety of subjects is included in her work, ranging from coastal subjects, floral designs, forest and foliage, and the human form, to total abstraction. Her unique style incorporates strong contrasts, vivid colors, collage, printmaking techniques, and a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and soft pastel. Marie works both in Whangarei, New Zealand and at the Port of Ilwaco, Washington. She owns and operates Marie Powell Gallery, located dockside at the Port of Ilwaco, Washington. Workshops and continued Studies Studies in Printmaking with Ben Rosenberg, Clatsop College, Astoria, Oregon Six years studies in Printmaking with Royal Nebeker, Clatsop College, Astoria, Oregon Drawing and Painting with Kristin Shauck, Clatsop College, Astoria, Oregon “Abstract Expressionism”, Cristina Popovici, Whangarei, New Zealand (NZ) “Watercolor Techniques”, Eric Wiegardt, Ocean Park, Washington “Off the Wall & Out of the Frame”, Phillipa Blair, N. Polytech, Kerikeri, New Zealand (NZ) “Solar Plate Etching”, Dan Weldon, Wharapuke Print Studio, Kerikeri, New Zealand (NZ) “Non-Toxic Etching”, Mark Graver, Wharapuke Print Studio, Kerikeri, New Zealand (NZ) “Plein Air Pastel Painting”, Doug Dawson, Vermont and Hawaii “Dry Point Etching”, Tracy Williams, University of Auckland Summer Program, Auckland, NZ “Figure Drawing”, Sandra Morris, University of Auckland Summer Program, Auckland, New Zealand Exhibitions & Gallery Representation Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum—”Birds of Feather” (Fall 2015-Spring 2016) Scott Milo Gallery, Anacortes, Washington—Featured Artist “Water Studies” (Fall 2015) RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon—Dual Artist Show “Water, Water…”(Fall 2015) Scott Milo Gallery, Anacortes, Washington—”Floral Studies Collection” (Spring 2015) Gallery 903, Portland, Oregon—Solo Exhibition “Person to Person” (2014) Clatsop Community College— “Odyssey” Group Printmaking Show (2014) Gallery 903, Portland, Oregon —”Urban Summer” Group Exhibition (2014) Kaan Zamaan Gallery , Kerikeri, New Zealand —”MATARIKI ” Group Exhibition (2014) Gallery 903, Portland, Oregon—Solo Exhibition “Life Journeys Times Three” (2013) North Coast Printmakers Collective, Clatsop Community College—Juried Exhibition-Juror (2013) Just Imagine Gallery, Russell, New Zealand—Solo Exhibition (2012) RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon—Solo Exhibition and representation (2011) “Big Red”, Juried Exhibition, Juror: Royal Nebeker RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon (Honorable Mention) RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon—Juried Exhibition, 10”x10” Fitzgerald’s, Gearhart, Oregon—Group Exhibition Studio 11, Astoria, Oregon—Group Exhibition Ricciardi Gallery, Astoria, Oregon—Group Exhibition Décor Gallery, Salem, Oregon—Solo Exhibition Wiegardt’s Potrimpos Gallery, Ocean Park, Washington—Solo Exhibition Reflections Gallery, Sandpoint, Idaho—Group Exhibition The Pearl Gallery, Portland, Oregon—Group Exhibition Other Gallery Representations Wings West Gallery, Portland, Oregon Atelier Gallery, Friday Harbor, Washington Valley Bronze Galleries, Cannon Beach, and Joseph, Oregon Shoalwater Cove Gallery, Ilwaco, Washington Kerikeri Gallery, Kerikeri, New Zealand Kaan Zamaan Gallery, Kerikeri, New Zealand Gallery 185, Auckland, New Zealand Marina Gallery, Whangarei, New Zealand Flying Fish Gallery, Paihia, New Zealand Pacific Rim Galleries, Cannon Beach and Astoria, Oregon Current Memberships North Coast Printmakers Collective Education 1970–Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Washington, Seattle            Provisional Teaching Certification,  1975 Standard Teaching Certification K-12 1986–Technology in Education Certification, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle 1987–National Science Foundation Program, “Teaching for Conceptual Understanding” 1987-1989–Continued mathematics education studies, University of Washington, Seattle 1970-1989–Secondary Teacher, Grades 7-12, Ocean Beach School District 1992-Present–Business Proprietor and Manager Marie Powell Gallery, Ilwaco, Washington  

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