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Ive been investigating for more than 50 years and have worked with numerous police departments and agencies across the United States and abroad. With my children grown, we moved to a smaller home. Due to space limitations, I began selling off some of my extensive collection from my years of investigating. Friends suggested that Ebay would provide a venue for these items. I have an entire storage facility that houses my collection. You can check my feedback since Ive only sold articles in this category. I am not an antique expert and am describing this item from what I see and with the information provided to me and learned in our investigation. I have this item in my collection, and all other items I list, strictly due to their association with paranormal activity. The item up for auction is a beautiful antique photo that was taken in the 1850s. Every detail in the picture, from the fringe on the period style chair that the woman is seated in, to the details on her dress and hair style, is wonderful to see. This tintype was kept under glass on the lid of the womans coffin, which was in a mausoleum built by her husband on their estate. In 1961, before the last living member of the family sold the estate and moved away, she had all the family remains removed from the mausoleum and buried in the local cemetery. The photos were removed at that time and kept in a family bible that was left in a trunk in the attic. After the new owners moved into the mansion, they being hearing a female voice coming from the formal parlor when the room was empty of people. They also smelled the scent of violets in that room. After several weeks, they walked into the room when they heard the voice and they were shocked to see the apparition of a female dressed in a long, white, Victorian dress. When the couple stepped into the room after standing in the doorway for a minute or two, the female looked directly at them and smiled and then vanished. They both said they werent afraid and felt that the apparition didnt intend to harm them but rather looked kind. The husband immediately went up to the attic to get the old family bible they had found in the trunk and the pair began looking through the antique photos. Sure enough, they found the old tintype up for auction that they instantly recognized as the woman they saw in their parlor. The hand-writing that accompanied the picture stated that the family member did of consumption. Her family saw her spirit in the house after she was waked in the parlor and put to rest in the mausoleum. For ten years, the couple continued to observe activity in the same room. They saw the apparition many more times and smelled violets. When they sold the estate in 1973, we got the bible with the photos. Thank you for looking at this wonderful old photo that shows Emily Martin.

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