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AP6.0 YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE DOWN PAYMENT ONLY & ASSUMING MONTHLY PAYMENTS! Sales Price: $19,129.00.Choose Your Payment: Monthly Payment is only $184.47 a month at 9.99% interest for 20 years with a 5 year balloon.Or Pay a Single Payment of $17,216.00 (10% CASH DISCOUNT!) For Payment In Full. Seller Contact Information Classic Country Land, LLC 1420 W Exchange Pkwy, Ste 120A Allen, TX 75013 (972) 649-6200 x105 Questions? --> Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. --> Sange de Cristo Ranches - 5.21 Acres In Costilla County, CO Beautiful Colorado Land Nestled In The San Luis Valley! Only minutes from Alamosa! Lots of Wildlife! Close to Historic San Luis! Great for both permanent and vacation homes! Good Road Frontage And Easy Access! Views of Blanca Peak and the Sangre De Cristo Range! Sangre de Cristo Ranches Subdivision Information The Sangre de Cristo Ranches were developed in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, with Mt. Blanca at over 14,000 feet, highlighting the scenery. To the west, the San Luis Valley is a fertile High Plains Desert, roughly 7,500 feet above sea level. The landscape of the 44,000 acre Ranches consists of mostly sagebrush and Pinon at the lower elevations, and Aspen and various tall pine varieties above 9,000 ft. The Ranches are located about 5 miles to the south and east of Fort Garland, Colorado. Beautiful mountain land nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches just east of Fort Garland, Colorado. These beautiful lots are dotted across the foothills of the San Luis Valley and offer tremendous views of Mt Blanca to the north. There are numerous full time residents in this community, however many residents and land owners use their land for camping and recreational uses. This is a covenant protected community and all roads are county maintained. Most parcels are accessible via car or truck the majority of the year. Surrounding Land This is a truly amazing part of the country, which attracts visitors from all over. It is located just south of Blanca Peak, between Ft. Garland and San Luis. Blanca Peak is one of the tallest points on the planet at 14,345 ft! The San Luis Valley is a land of sharp and beautiful contrasts, deep history and wild experiences that stay with visitors long after theyre gone. There are tons of great places to visit, including the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge, is located just next door to the property. There are plenty of interesting places to go! Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Other protected areas Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge Great Sand Dunes Wilderness Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge Rio Grande National Forest San Luis State Park Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Colorado Alligator Farm Great Sand Dunes National Monument You can see and read about all of the scenic destinations here: Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1962 as a haven for migratory birds and other wildlife. 14,345 foot Mt. Blanca of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains provides a stunning backdrop for this 11,169 acre refuge. Alamosa NWR consists of wet meadows, river oxbows and riparian corridor primarily within the flood plain of the Rio Grande, and dry uplands vegetated with greasewood and saltbush. These areas support songbirds, water birds, raptors, mule deer, beaver and coyotes. Alamosa NWR has a wilder character than Monte Vista NWR. To preserve this wildness, the refuge is less intensively managed. However, water is still manipulated and other management tools such as burning and grazing are used. Water from the Rio Grande is supplemented by artesian wells and pumped water from the Closed Basin Project. The headquarters and visitor center for the Alamosa/Monte Vista/ Baca National Wildlife Refuge Complex is located on Alamosa NWR. A two mile round trip hiking trail begins at the Visitors Center and follows the Rio Grande. The Bluff Overlook on the eastern side of the refuge may be reached by car and provides a three and a half mile auto tour. Property Layout Property Profile Parcel Size 5.21 Acres +/- (approximately 428 x 586) Property Taxes: Less Than $139 Per Year & Current Legal: Unit I-2, Block 217, Lot 4488, Sangre de Cristo Ranches Location: Costilla County, Colorado Electricity: None. Solar or Generator (Fee To Extend/Install) Waste: None. Septic (Fee To Install) Water: None. Storage or Well (Fee To Install) Phone: Limited Cellular Access: Access Via County Maintained Dirt Roads within subdivision Time-Limit To Build: None Zoning/Covenants: Estate Residential / Sangre de Cristo Ranches Covenants: Download Here Association Fees: None Liens & Judgments: None Deed Type: Warranty Deed Additional Notes: This property will be conveyed via a warranty deed guaranteeing free and clear title. All Pictures From Property For Sale Frequently Asked Questions 1. WHERE IS THE PROPERTY LOCATED? This master planned subdivision is located only 2 miles east from Fort Garland, Colorado in Costilla County nestled in the foothills of the San Luis Valley. 2. WHAT IS THE AVERAGE ELEVATION OF THE PROPERTY? The average elevation is approximately 9,500 feet up to over 11,500 feet within the alpine lots. 3. WHAT IS THE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR? Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 35° 40° 48° 56° 66° 77° 80° 77° 71° 60° 46° 36° 4. WHAT DOES THE PROPERTY LOOK LIKE? Surround yourself with rolling hills, majestic mountains, and fabulous panoramic vistas and great landscape views. All are the perfect setting for the unspoiled countryside of Costilla County. With every breath of fresh, clean air, youll know this pristine unspoiled property is for you - especially since it has been thoughtfully master-planned to exist in harmony with nature and wildlife. 5. WHAT TOWNS ARE CLOSEST TO THE PROPERTY? This scenic property is approximately 2 miles east of Fort Garland, Colorado, 33 miles east of Alamosa, Colorado, and 147 miles south of Colorado Springs, Colorado. 6. WHAT IMPROVEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE? All roads are county and state maintained which provide you permanent, legal access to your property. All of the lots have been surveyed, staked and marked for identification. This was done many years ago. Some of the corner markers may be difficult to locate without a metal detector. To establish a physical address and questions regarding zoning and planning call Costilla County 719-672-9109. 7. WHAT ARE MOST PEOPLE PLANNING TO DO WITH THEIR LAND? Most property owners feel that it is a good opportunity to own a nice lot, yet affordable piece of Colorado. The unique proximity of this property to Alamosa will allow owners to enjoy a country lifestyle while living just minutes away from the amenities a city has to offer. Some owners plan to make their property into a second home, while others plan to move to their property after retirement. Many plan to pass it down to their children or grandchildren, while others plan to possibly subdivide the property at a later date, keeping some acreage and selling the rest. Many of the property owners also plan to utilize the property as a permanent home or a recreational retreat or getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city. These lots are ready for you to build your dream home or just enjoy the good feeling of land ownership. 8. WHAT ABOUT WATER? You will have several options for water all of which are at your sole expense. They include drilling a new water well or having water delivered to a water tank you have installed. It is estimated the depth of the water well would be around 300 feet in this Unit per the county. It is difficult to estimate an exact cost of drilling a new water well. This will depend upon the company you hire to drill the well. Prices may vary between different companies from $15 to $55 per foot. We encourage you to fully investigate every company offering this service and not base your decision solely on the price. There is no assurance that a productive well can be installed on your land and, if it cannot, no refund of the purchase price will be made. The purity and chemical content of the water cannot be determined until each individual well is completed and tested. Contact a Licensed Colorado Well driller for further information and proposed costs and contact county for required permits. 9. WHAT ABOUT UTILITIES? Electrical lines are several miles away from your land. You will be responsible for any cost of installation. It costs approximately $5 per foot to extend electrical lines. If you would like to contact the electric company to find out how much it will cost to run the electrical lines to your land, you may contact them at: San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, 719-852-3538 or 800-332-7634. As a way to reduce your costs (both initially and over the long-term), we recommend you explore the use of alternative/renewal energy sources such as generators, wind or solar systems for your electrical needs. Both the Federal government and the State of Colorado have had programs to assist in the payment of a new solar system. The use of alternative power source will save you a lot of money. In this area, all you will need is a septic tank and leech field system for your cabin or home. For prices, check with a hardware store. Before installation of a septic system, a permit must be obtained from the County Health Officer in San Luis, Colorado. Further information about utilities and who to contact can be provided upon request. 10. WHAT IS THE PROPERTY ZONED AND WHAT ARE THE PROPERTY TAXES FOR A PARCEL? The zoning is Estate Residential. Currently, the approximate annual property taxes calculate to approximately $139 per year. 11. IF I FINANCE THE PROPERTY, TO WHOM DO I MAKE MY PAYMENTS AND HOW WILL I KNOW I HAVE RECEIVED PROPER CREDIT FOR MY PAYMENTS? Your payments will be made to Classic Country Land, LLC. We have our own in house financing available. 12. MAY I USE THE LAND WHILE IM PAYING FOR IT AND WHEN DO I RECEIVE A DEED TO MY PROPERTY? Yes, beginning the very day you sign the purchase contract, the land is yours to use and enjoy. 13. CAN I RESELL MY PROPERTY IN THE FUTURE AND MAKE A PROFIT? While there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale, historically land prices have increased in value. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend, including inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of land, the publics desire for a more natural environment, trend toward movement away from urban areas and the increasing popularity of outdoor recreational activities. 14. IS THERE A PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION OR ANY RESTRICTIONS ON THE PROPERTY? There is a Property Owners Association, however its voluntary to be a member. Sangre de Cristo Ranch Owners. Sangre de Cristo Ranches Covenants: Download Here. We highly recommend contacting the Costilla County Planning and Zoning department for details and county requirements. 15. WHAT WILL THE ROAD SURFACE BE LIKE? County maintained dirt road access. 16. DOES A BUYER HAVE TO BUILD A HOUSE WITHIN A CERTAIN TIME FRAME? A buyer is never obligated to a timeframe to build on their property. 17. WHY ARE SOME PROPERTIES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN OTHERS? The properties have been priced according to our A B C analysis and consideration of the proximity of the parcels to existing electric. A B C stands for Access, Beauty and Character. In other words, how good, quick or easy is the access to the property from the main highway or county road, etc. The beauty of the property mainly pertains to the vegetation and scenic views etc. The character of the property refers mainly to its topography. For example: Is the parcel flat, rolling, steep, etc. 18. IS THERE A PENALTY FOR PAYING OFF MY LAND EARLY? There is absolutely no prepayment penalty. Your monthly payment is applied to your account balance using simple interest on the unpaid balance. Any and all extra monthly payments will be applied directly to the principal. All extra payments will directly lower your balance, reducing the overall interest you pay on your purchase. 19. CAN I MAKE AN OFFER AND WHAT KINDS OF DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE? Offers are discouraged as the properties are priced for immediate sale under our No Haggle pricing policy. 20. WILL I BE PRESSURED TO BUY? Absolutely not! At Classic Country Land our no pressure policy is always in effect. Our prime properties practically sell themselves. We wont be hounding you to buy. However, our friendly ranch representatives are always available to take your call and answer any questions you might have and we welcome those calls. Be assured youll always be treated with respect and there will be absolutely no pressure to buy. References are also available upon request. If you have any further questions about Classic Country Land, please dont hesitate to give us a call at 972-649-6200 x105 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you. Costilla County, Colorado Costilla County - Where Colorado Began! Costilla County is located in south central Colorado, sharing its southern boundary with New Mexico (of which it was once a part). Costilla is part of the San Luis Valley, an 8,000 square mile alpine valley nicknamed the American Tibet, with an average altitude of 7800 feet above sea level. Costilla County is the home to Colorados oldest town, San Luis, founded in 1851. Many villages of the County were the last to be established on a Spanish/Mexican land grant in this country. It is home to Colorados oldest Christian structure (the San Acacio Mission) and the nations newest shrine, the Stations of the Cross. Californias gold rush was about gold. Colorados gold is water, and the states first water rights, the San Luis Peoples Ditch, is located right here in Costilla County. And to top all that, Costilla County has the last working Commons in America where local residents have grazed their sheep, cattle and horses on six hundred shared, unfenced acres for hundreds of years. Costilla County was inhabited by the ancestors of todays families well before Colorado became a state. Those first Hispano settlers brought with them a language and culture that still exists today, four hundred years after the Spanish first arrived in the Americas. Except for the Native Americans who were here first, this is the oldest community in Colorado. Adventure You stand at waters edge of a high desert lake. The mountains encircle you and extend as far as the eye can see. A mid-summer storm has left a double rainbow framing distant peaks. You have come to Costilla County, a special place in splendored, protected isolation. Eleven-hundred square miles, nestled within the San Luis Valley, dotted with historic towns and villages, threaded by dusty, winding roads. This is where Colorado began, and this is where you begin your Colorado experience. You will find ranches without dudes, farms without petting pens and small-town eateries that consider rosemary smoked lamb a foreign dish. Nouvelle cuisine and boutique have yet to enter the local vernacular because Costilla County is no new age, neatly packaged theme park. It is history and adventure at every turn with all the necessary ingredients to entertain the whole family. Come immerse yourself in a unique culture. Walk the roads of villages that were founded by ancestors of todays inhabitants. Meet the people who measure their history here in multiples of generations and speak a Spanish that still contains words and phrases of ancient origins. In our villages, visit some of the earliest structures erected in Colorado, the small, sturdy mission churches, built by local labor all those many years ago. If your timing is right, you might be lucky enough to take part in a local celebration, most likely of religious origin. Hike the Rio Grande Gorge and find petroglyphs, arrowheads or maybe grinding stones left by civilizations we are just beginning to know. A peak experience awaits the mountain climber. Colorado has fifty-four peaks that exceed 14,000 feet and four of those can be accessed from Costilla County, Little Bear, Lindsay and Culebra. Blanca at 14,345 is higher than Pikes Peak. For the angler who relishes the Zen experience of fly fishing, or for the bank sitter, streams and lakes abound in cutthroat, rainbow, browns and pike. Elk, deer and mountain lion wander the forests and mountains. Visit the artists village of Jaroso or explore Fort Garland, once commanded by Kit Carson. Find spiritual renewal as you tour the internationally acclaimed Stations of the Cross Shrine in San Luis, and then experience the grandeur of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument near Blanca. A seeming millennium away from the outside, whirling, mad dash world, Costilla County, year round, is the experience of a lifetime. History Gold and silver discoveries near Summitville in 1870 fueled the mining rush to the San Luis Valley environs. While other mining settlements quickly followed at Creede and Bonzana, the history of the Valleys settlement was greatly influenced by the railroad, farming, ranching, and timber. Before written history, native American cultures, including Clovis and Folsom, hunted and gathered in the area 11,000 years ago. Spain claimed the area in the 1500s and established land grants to attract settlers. However, clashes with Comanches left the valley largely unsettled for many years. Zebulon Pike, exploring the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase and after his discovery of Pikes Peak, was awed by the view of the Sand Dunes (probably from Medano Pass) in 1807. Until Mexicos liberation from Spain in 1821, Spain claimed the San Luis Valley. The 1850s saw the first permanent settlements. Just 2 years after Colorado became a state, a narrow-gauge train loaded with expectant settlers and their belongings stopped at a protected bend in the Rio Grande shaded by a grove of cottonwoods. In 1878 Alamosa – Spanish for cottonwood grove – was founded. Trains delivered lumber and hardware and left with agricultural products. Over the next ten years rails were laid in all four directions and Alamosa became a veritable center of the San Luis Valley. The easy access to the mountain regions surrounding the San Luis Valley are a major attraction for visitors and locals alike. Not only a provider of recreation, the forests are a key economic resource. The extensive Rio Grande National Forest first came under government control in 1891 with the authorization of the Timber Reserves Act in 1891. Established to conserve the nations timber, range and water resources, much of this land has remained unspoiled and public. The Great Sand Dunes National Park (first created as a monument in 19xx) and The San Luis Lakes State Park offer outdoor recreation on the valley floor. In 1921, Adams State College was founded as a teaching college and is now a bachelor- and master-degree granting institution. With a population of around 16,000, Alamosa today offers majestic mountain views, the winding Rio Grande, clear skies, breathing room, abundant agriculture, a thriving economy, and two institutions of higher learning. But perhaps youd like to recapture the feel of a bygone era. Travel our rails or visit mining towns. From Medano Pass let your gaze wander from the sand dunes across the San Luis Valley to mountains and your view of natural beauty will be similar to Zebulon Pikes 200 years ago. Payment & Recording Information *** We charge a $8 loan servicing fee with each payment. This fee is waived if buyer signs up for easy ACH monthly payments. TITLE will be delivered FREE and CLEAR once property has been paid in full. Please click HERE for payment options. We will mail your contract for deed within 48 hours of payment receipt. Please ASK ALL questions BEFORE bidding. All non-paying bidders will be reported to the auction house as well as our collection agency. Seller is a Licensed Texas Real Estate broker. Contact must be made WITHIN 24 HOURS of the auctions close. Payment in full is expected WITHIN 3 DAYS of the auctions close. PLEASE ONLY BID if you have intentions of buying the property. WE WILL LEAVE FEEDBACK For ALL Non Paying Bidders!!! Important Notices & Disclaimers Please Read: This asset is listed and sold on an AS IS AND WHERE IS condition as of the date of sale. All information is believed to be accurate; bidders are required to conduct their own research and/or due diligence of this asset prior to making a bid. Prospective purchasers are urged to examine and research all properties prior to bidding. We make no guarantee expressed or implied as to the location, condition, accessibility, terrain, build ability or information contained in this listing. Picture(s) may or may not be of specific property unless specifically stated that they are of the actual property. About Classic Country Land, LLC Classic Country Land, LLC specializes in creating wealth - primarily for private investors - through investments in raw land. Land is the cornerstone of most of the worlds wealthiest individuals and most successful investors over the last century. It rarely under performs over time and is immune to many of the external factors that produce day-to-day cyclical swings in world markets. Carefully selected land investments can create significant returns and a secure future for the investor. This philosophy has been expounded and successfully proven over many centuries. Historically, land had been one of the best investments available. There is a limited supply and an ever growing demand. We allow you to get your portfolio started with a minimal investment. Classic Country Land, LLC was founded in 1999 and is one of the largest on-line land seller in the United State. We buy thousand of parcels each year and have developed strong relationship with many land sources throughout the United States. This allows us to buy in bulk and receive volume discounts which we are able to pass to our valued customers. Reasons to Buy From Us Large established company providing great properties to our customers continuously since 1999. When you need us in the future we will be here. We understand that not everybody is a land expert, we help you through the process to make it a stress free and enjoyable purchase! We know exactly what it is that were selling, so you will know exactly what you are getting. We provide customer support both via email and via phone. We are not happy until the customer is happy, after all, our reputation is all we have. We are a member of, and in good standing with, the Better Business Bureau. As said before, we have a reputation to uphold, and have a promise of quality to our customers. We are an eBay preferred seller, maintain a feedback rating of over 99%, and are registered with SquareTrade.

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