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35W/55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit H1 H3 H7 H8 H9 H11 9005 9006 9004 9007 H4 H13

        Specifications Voltage Input 9-16V Voltage Norm. 13.2V Current Norm. 3.6A Current in Max 10A Power Output 35W/55W Working Temperature -40 ~ +105 Centidrgee. HID Efficiency 98.68%, 3, 200 LM. Life-Span 3, 000 hours Certification E4 & ISO-9001:2000 Approved Xenon HID Kit Quality Control Passed: 6 hours continuous working aging test. Connection circuit protection test. Short circuit protection test. Lack of voltage protection test. over voltage protection test. Flash light concussion test. Quakeproof capability test. cold, warm boot test. Polarity protection test. EMC anti-jamming test. Product Show: Single Beam HID Xenon Conversion Kit Dual Beam HID Bi-xenon Hi/Lo Conversion Kit 9004/9007 H4 H13 HID XENON BULBS What is HI/LO bi-xenon? This will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. For most vehicle, the headlights have 2 bulbs each: one for low beams and one for high beams. In this case, you will need one regular HID kit for the low beams. If you also want your high-beams to be HID lights, you will need a second regular HID kit. On some other vehicles, the headlights have one bulb each. This bulb performs the function of both the high beam and low beam. In this case, if you want to keep the high beam and low beam functions, you will need to install a special HI/LO kit. The HI/LO HID kits have special bulbs that perform both high and low beam functions. Available Bulb Types: H4-Bixenon (9003/HB2), 9004-Bixenon, 9007-Bixenon and H13-Bixenon (9008) A Bi-Xenon bulb replaces a H4 halogen bulb that produces low beam as well as high beam. A H4 halogen bulb has therefore two filaments, one for low beam and one for high beam. The Bi-Xenon bulb however, only has one light cell. (See The Pic. Below) By means of an ingenious electro-magnetic construction, this light cell can change position. One position is low beam, the other is high beam. HID XENON TEMPERATURE ( COLOR ) Color Temperatures: 3000K-- Golden yellow. Most penetration in rain and adverse weather (Suitable for fog lights). 4300K-- Sunset yellow, light yellowish hue. (Recommend for low lights). 5000K-- OEM white. (Recommend for low lights). 6000K-- Diamond White. (Recommend for High lights). 8000K-- Iceberg Blue. (Recommend for High lights). 10000K-- Brilliant Blue. 80% output of the 5000K (Recommend for High lights). 12000K-- Violet Blue, Penetration is not strong. (Recommend for High lights). 15000K-- Deep Blue. (Recommend for High lights). 30000K-- Extreme Blue. (Recommend for High lights).   The higher the color, the less the light output, we recommend 6000K or 8000K.   HID VS HALOGEN HID BULBS DIGITAL & SLIM BALLAST Slim Ballasts use smaller internal components and still offer the same input and output power as its standard sized version. With the Igniter unit in an epoxy filled chamber, we are able to reduce the size of the core unit by roughly half, also reducing the weight significantly. Slim Ballasts are easier to mount, weigh less, and allow users to install their HID systems faster with less time spent under the hood, and more time enjoying their HID lights!       RELAY HARNESS   Single Beam dont need the relay harness Bi-Xenon Relay Wiring Harnesses are used with H4-3, 9007-3 and H13-3 Bi-Xenon bulbs ? Package Include : ? This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your existing cars headlight system to the best lighting available today! Package Includes (Depended on your choice!) A: If you purchase the HID KIT, You Will Get: 2x Xenon HID Bulbs 2x Digital Slim HID Ballasts All Necessary Wiring and Connector ( Single Beam dont need the relay harness ) ( With Original Box ) B: If you purchase the HID XENON BULBS ONLY, You Will Get: 2x Xenon HID Bulbs All Necessary Wiring and Connector ( Single Beam dont need the relay harness )   Bulb Sizes and Color Temperatures Available Bulb Sizes Available: Single Beam: H1、H3、H7、H8、H9、H10、H11、9005/HB3、9006/HB4、880、881 Dual Beam: H4-H/L ,9004-H/L,9007-H/L,H13-H/L Color Temperatures Available: 3000k,4300k,5000k,6000k,8000k,10000k,12000k,15000k,30000k Ballast Wattage: 35W/55W   INSTALLATION GUIDE: Please read this guide before attempting installation. By reading the steps outlined you will be more prepared for the installation reducing possible errors and problems. Contact us if you have any trouble. Common Tips: Make sure your engine bay is cool to the touch. Make certain the vehicle is in park and shut off. Be careful not to crush or cut the bulb wiring.. Do not connect the high voltage electrodes while the light switch is on. It is recommended to test each light function before final permanent installation. Do not mount ballasts near extreme heat or vibration as this can shorten their life Common Problem: Lights do not turn on. Solution: Reverse polarity of the ballast plug. This simply means flip the oval plug you inserted into the ballast. Ballasts are polarity (-/+) sensitive unlike regular halogen light bulbs. Retest. If problem still exists, swap ballasts or light bulbs to diagnose if the problem is the light bulb or the ballast. In many cases, its not the HID kit that is the culprit but the vehicle. Some vehicles such as Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/BMW/Mercedes etc.. may require additional wiring/canceller plugs for HID installation. Lights turn on, flicker or shut off quickly thereafter. Solution: In many cases, its not the HID kit that is the culprit but the vehicle. Some vehicles such as Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/BMW/Mercedes etc.. may require additional wiring/canceller plugs for HID installation.   Step 1: Open hood and locate the factory light bulb you are trying to convert. If fog lights, you may need to pull out your factory fog light housing to access the back. On some vehicles you can access factory bulbs from the engine bay or from the wheel wells with your wheels fully turned on direction. Please consult your owners manual or dealer on how to access your factory light bulbs. In 90% your bulbs are easily removed without too much trouble. Once your factory light bulb is removed, you can prepare for the HID bulb insertion. Step 2: Remove the plastic capsule preinstalled on the HID bulb and insert into your headlight socket. HID bulbs should fit similar to your factory light bulb, but the tolerances may be slightly different on certain vehicle models. Bulb installation will vary from twisting to clamping from the back depending on the bulb type. Be very gentle with the HID glass portion. Do not touch the glass with your fingers. If it does end up getting dirty, simply wipe with clean cloth gently. Notice: Some vehicle models may require adapters for the bulb to fit into the socket. These include H7 bulbs. Some parts off of your original headlight may be be required depending on car model. Example, 9007 light bulbs will require the reinstallation of the plastic bulb holder adapter. Some BMW/VW/Mercedes/Saab will require a metal adapter or plastic adapter to hold the bulb in place. Step 3a: Once the HID bulb is fixed into place locate the factory connector where the original halogen bulb was connected to. You will now connect the supplied wire (may be a plug or 2 metal tips) that you must insert into your factory connector as shown below. When we say factory connector, this is the connector your original bulb was feed power with. If you purchased a Bi-xenon kit, or a kit with relay, your installation will be a little different than above. See steps 3b or 3c. Step 3b: If your kit included a relay you will not use the provided extra wires shown in Step 3a. that connect ballast to factory headlight plug. Instead the ballast get connected to the relay as shown below. The relay then will connect to your factory headlight plug. Some relays will have two plugs one for each side, while others only one headlight plug. Remember a relay simply gets a signal from your headlight plug, then allows power to flow directly from your battery. Step 3c: If your kit purchased is a bi-xenon kit also known as hi/low (low beam + high beam HID with movement). This only applies to kits with bulb types 9004 9007 H4 H13 9008. Notice on these kits there will be only 1 headlight plug connector. One of your headlight connectors may not be used. Step 4: Before mounting ballast permanently please test the system. Low beam, high beam and fog light function if it applies to your install. It is best to turn the vehicle on to test the system as some vehicles do not give full voltage when vehicle is running only from battery. Step 5: Mount the ballasts on any existing bolt or flat surface away from excessive heat. We do not recommend mounting on top of the radiator or in front or behind it. Ballasts are electronic devices which excessive heat can ruin. Make certain the wires with your kit cannot get tangled into the belt line or are resting on very hot components of the engine. About Payment       We accept payment by paypal only. Keep in mind that PayPal E-Checks will take 3-14 business day to clear . Once your E-Checks clears,your item will be dispatched to you within 1 working day.   Return Policy A customer-centered shopping experience has always been our goal and we want you to be completely satisfied with every item that you purchase online from our store. If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased from us, you may return the item within 30 days of the order date for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping & handling fees. (Any Free Shipping item returned will have the outbound freight charge deducted from the total return.)   About Shipping All items are in stock and will be dispatched to you within 24 hours of your payment being received and verified. (Excluding Weekends and Public Holidays)! Our order will be shipped from our warehouse where the items has been accurately picked, securely packed and shipped in a professional manner. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you, your online email system or your ISP utilize SPAM Blocking Software, you may be restricting our ability to communicate with you via email. Shipping Method:   Feedback We will leave Positive Feedback after receive the payment, Please do not forget to give us and FIVE STARS on all of the Detailed Seller Ratings . If you are not satisfied with your shopping Experience, Please contact us to get a solution before you decide to leave a neutral or negative feedback. We will try our best to solve any problems for you as soon as possible, thanks. We will provide you service as best as we can, cause the feedback and is what we are striving for. Please email me through My Messages or Ask Seller Questions if you have any question about our listings or your purchase.   Contact Us Our goal is to answer all customer emails within the same business day. Responsible and Accessible.Our Customer Service Department will answer your emails within 24 hours .If you have questions, please feel free to email us or by clicking on the contact seller link . Customer Service Hours are Monday - Saturday from 9am - 5pm Beijing Standard Time.   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